Music by GEORGE STILES - Book & Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE - Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds & The Rose, Kingston 2017


Ugly - Matthew Sugden (14) Bury
Ida - Dominique McIntyre (15) Knaresborough
Cat - Luke Bassett (15) Lancing
Drake - Ben Wilson (15) Newark
Maureen - Sabella Attenburrow (17) Exeter
Turkey - Oliver Khurshid (15) Wimbledon
Henrietta - Lois Chapman (15) Wickford
Grace - Georgia Blakeman (14) Potten End
Bullfrog - Shiayna Herbert-Brown (16) Gloucester
Bullfrog - Cassius Hackforth (15) Corwen
Greylag - Ashley MacLauchlan (13) Yeovil
Dot - Hannah Irvine (13) Southampton
Penny - Ellie Rayward (14) Henfield
Mother Swan - Poppy Hall (16) Whitchurch
Father Swan - Jason Battersby (17) Sutton Coldfield
Pinkfoot - Tom King (15) Guildford
Snowy - Marika Karatepeli (12) London
Barnacles - Lottie Beck Johnson (13) Worcester

Ava Bounds (11) Leeds
Erin Fisk (11) Northborough
Noah Castle (13) Frittenden
Rebecca Fenner (14) London
Ethan Hadfield (12) Macclesfield
Arthur Handscomb (15) Farnham
Arianwen Herbet (15) Cheltenham
Corbin Abbasi (13) Cambridge

Arianna Duffus (11) Harrow
Max Morgan (12) Malvern
Andy Robson (12) Uxbridge
Clara Sharvin (13) Denny
Fraser Jacobs (13) Windsor
Joe Crosbie (14) Northchapel
Max Garrood (14) Great Missenden

Kennedy Burne (12) Church Crookham
Connie Jenkins-Greig (13) Harpenden
Abbie Palliser-Kehoe (12) Carrigaline
Lily Davies-Potter (13) Calne
Georgia Farrow (14) Whitstable
Maeve Gallagher (14) London
Clementine Griffiths (14) Llanelli
Hannah Wheatly (13) Bradford
Sullivan Rawlins (11) Folkestone
Sam Bain (14) Stratford-upon-Avon
Will Laing (16) Salisbury


Nicola Adams (20) Wouldham
Piccolo, Flute, Alto Sax

Daniel Buxton (16) Solihull
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax

Ben Wilson (15) Newark

LucyAnne Fletcher (17) Altrincham

Ed Deakins (20 Leeds

Cameron Barnett (19) Farnham
Double Bass, Bass Guitar

Jack Cousins (19) Farnham

Dae Hyun Lee (22) Sutton

Will Sharma (19) Lydney

Creative Team

Director - Jordan Murphy
Musical Director - Nicholas Chave
Choreographer - Chris Cuming
Designer - Richard Cooper
Lighting Designer - James McKeogh
Sound Designer - Charlie Simpson
Head of Wardrobe - Anne-Marie Horton
Wardrobe Assistants - Jenny Gayton,
Jemimah Whittaker & Georgina Carey
Assistant Director - Daniel Scott
Assistant Musical Director - Will Sharma
Stage Manager - Helen Anne Robinson
Deputy Stage Manager - Benjamin Sheen
Assistant Stage Manager - Ratshan Baby
Sound Operator - Alasdair Stringer
Production Photographer - Konrad Bartelski
Chaperones - Rebecca Ridout, Teresa Cavanagh,
Sarah Lawn, Ashley Martin,
Patricia Elcock, Marie Hopkins
Pastoral Team - Hannah Mears-Young, David Grant,
Jenny Mullan, Henry Roadnight, Kelly Vater
Production Manager - Gareth Edwards
Administrator - Cicero Magalhães
Production Assistant - Jordan Murphy
Producer for NYMT - Jeremy Walker


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