Billy The Kid

Music by BEN FROST - Words by RICHARD HOUGH - Commissioned by NYMT - Curve, Leicester - 23-26 August 2017


Billy The Kid - Ben Lewis (13) Cambridge
Mary Meacham - Aliyah Odoffin (17) London
Sam Briscoe - Fraser Jacobs (14) Windsor
Colonel J Murphy - Josh Barnett (19) Woking
Annabelle Wade - Rosy Smith (15) Blyton
Jesse Evans - Ben Moss (15) Sudbury
Jack Kinney - James Sprague (17) Walesby
Claire Kinney - Ciona Flynn (16) Cork
Ethan Le Beouf - Joseph Griffiths-Brown (17) Lichfield
Olivia O’Donnell - Sophie Boardman (19) Grimsby

Clean-Living Cowboys:
Dale William Lockey (15) Riding Mill
Dustin Bertie Ensor-Clinch (17) Clapham
Logan Jacob Edwards (15) Tring

The Lincoln Lovelies:
Shelly Sophia Melody Keaveney (13) London
Shirley Grace Chan (15) Tring
Emma Matilda Belton (15) Newark
Gemma Sarah Dare (19) Bransgore
Katie Ellie Sharpe (17) Woking

The Townsfolk:
Agnes Emily Atkins (14) Uxbridge
Frank Tom Emery (15) Horsham
Freddy Dino Fisher-Stephens (14) Swindon
Florence Alice Coles (17) Kettering
Heather Joanna Mitton (18) Tattenhall
Joe Ben Mulley (17) Coventry
Mitchell Luke Rozanski (16) Beaconsfield
Melody Elizabeth-Rose Esin-Kelly (17) London
Ellie-May Dominique Froud (17) Lindfield

The Old-Timers:
Pat Garrett Justina Aina (23) Manchester
Ole Jasper Harvey Westwood (22) London


Stephanie Frankland (19) London
Flutes/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone

Jack Curtis (19) Stonehouse
Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone

Katie Bunney (17) Chippenham
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax

Frances Gordon (18) Nuneaton

Ruby Barber (17) Thirsk
Trumpet I

Samuel Rees (19) Sutton
Trumpet II

Lissie Daly (19) Harpenden
Trumpet III

Owain Davies-McCrorie (18) Leamington Spa

Simon Chorley (18) Leyburn
Trombone/Bass Trombone

Cassidy Beentjes (14) Wrightington

Henry Giudici (18) Warwick
Electric Guitar/12-String Guitar

Sioned Evans (22) Caerfyrddin
Keyboard I

Jemma Costin (19) Grays
Keyboard II

Georgina Mabey (20) Uttoxeter
Violin I

Dylan Edge (17) Cannock
Violin II

Katie Batchelor (20) Canterbury

Sophie Walker (19) Driffield
Bass Guitar/Double Bass

Jacob Lloyd (22) Newport

Sam Levy (17) London


Creative Team

Director - Kate Golledge
Musical Director - Charlie Ingles
Orchestrators - Ben Frost, Benjamin Holder
Choreographer - Darragh O’Leary
Designer - Simon Kenny
Lighting Designer - Neill Brinkworth
Lighting Programmer - James McKeogh
Sound Designer - Luke Swaffield for Autograph
Wardrobe Supervisor - Catherine Pilsworth
Assistant Musical Director - Sioned Evans
Rehearsal Pianist - Henry Roadnight
Sound #1 - Daniel Higgott
Sound #2 - Ali Stringer
Production Sound Engineer - Ian Brame
Stage Manager - Robyn Cross
Deputy Stage Manager - Serahné René-Sorhaindo
Assistant Stage Managers - Samuel Dawson (17) Halifax
Rebecca Gale (16) Potton
Artwork - Christopher Clegg
Additional thanks to Helen Mumby, Henry Roadnight,
Sebastian Dibb and Simon Nathan
Head of Pastoral Care - David Grant
Pastoral Team & Chaperones - Kelly Vater, Jordan Murphy
Rebecca Ridout, Cicero Magalhães,
Henry Roadnight, Hannah Mears-Young
Production Manager - Gareth Edwards
Administrator - Cicero Magalhães
Production Assistant - Jordan Murphy
Producer for NYMT - Jeremy Walker


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