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Wednesday 18th - Saturday 21st August

To Henrietta Janssen, things just don’t feel quite right. It’s more than the war - growing up in Amsterdam, by the spring of 1945, she’s used to that. It’s all the unanswered questions: why does her teacher tell her off whatever she does? Why is there never enough to eat? Why doesn’t she feel like she fits in, even with her own family? Why is the old lady on her way to school always so angry with her? And why is there a boy in her neighbour’s window, when they only have daughters?

Inspired by the true stories of love, sacrifice and bravery in the Netherlands over the Second World War, HENRIETTA is about a thirst for adventure, the need we all feel to establish our identity, and how ordinary people can be capable of extraordinary courage.

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Director Kate Golledge
Musical Director Charlie Ingles
Choreographer Lucinda Lawrence
Set & Costume Designer Stewart J. Charlesworth
Lighting Designer Aaron J. Dootson
Sound Designer Andy Johnson
Wardrobe Supervisor Anne-Marie Horton
Costume Supervisor Jemimah Whittaker
Wardrobe Jenni Manion
Production Manager Jack Boissieux
Stage Manager Joshua Knight
Deptuty Stage Manager Alannah Egan



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