The Shows 2020

NYMT's 2020 season will feature four full productions, including a new musical commissioned especially by NYMT and a residential workshop of a piece currently in development. 

Details of the shows will follow very soon, when we have finalised the programme. However, the outline is as follows:

Show 1 - Residential rehearsals 3 to 11 April
Performances at Curve, Leicester (Sat 6 Jun) and Rose Theatre, Kingston (Sat 4 July tbc)

Show 2 - Residential rehearsals 4 to 9 April / 25 July to 4 August
Performances at The Other Palace, London (5-8 August)

Show 3 - Residential rehearsals 4 to 9 April / 1 to 11 August
Performances at The Other Palace, London (12-15 August)

Show 4 - Residential rehearsals 4 to 9 April / 8 to 18 August
Performances at The Other Palace, London (19-22 August)

Workshop of a New Musical in Development - Residential workshop 25 to 30 July


Book & Lyrics by Timothy Knapman
Music & Lyrics by Stuart Matthew Price

Commissioned by NYMT in 2017, IMAGINARY is an exciting, funny and inspiring musical about the wonder of childhood, the power of the imagination and what it means to grow up.


Milo is Sam’s only friend and they spend all their time together, using only their imaginations to transform their world into a place of adventure and excitement. But as Sam’s first day at a new school approaches, his mother worries that Milo is holding her son back, stopping him from growing up. School turns out to be full of surprises – and secrets. With parts for all ages, IMAGINARY centres on an enduring friendship with other-worldly twists and turns that change lives forever.


Residential rehearsals at Tonbridge School
3 to 11 April
(Musicians from 5 to 11 April only)

Mini-Tour Pop-Up Performances include:

Curve, Leicester
Saturday 13 June

Rose Theatre, Kingston (International Youth Arts Festival)
Saturday 4 July


Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Sam and Bella Spewack

Combining Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” with Porter’s music and lyrics, KISS ME, KATE is a play-within-a-play where each cast member’s on-stage life is complicated by what is happening offstage. Musical numbers include Why Can’t You Behave, So In Love, Wunderbar, Tom, Dick or Harry, Were Thine That Special Face, From This Moment On, Too Darn Hot, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, I Hate Men, Always True to You (In My Fashion) and Another Op’nin’, Another Show. KISS ME, KATE is fun, melodious and sophisticated.


KISS ME, KATE was originally produced in 1948 and has been considered one of Broadway’s treasures. It was revived in 1999 with a new score. All seventeen of the original songs are present in the revised score, and the song From This Moment On from Porter’s OUT OF THIS WORLD as well as from the 1953 film version of KISS ME, KATE has been added. The book was carefully refined, not changed, for the new version. The character Harrison Howell has become a General with political ambitions, and adds some topical humour.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School
4 to 9 April and 25 July to 2 August
(Musicians from 27 July to 2 August only)

Technical rehearsals in London from 3 to 5 August
Performances at The Other Palace, London from 5 to 8 August
Accommodation provided at Sevenoaks School and at University College, London.


A New Musical
Commissioned by NYMT

Book & lyrics by Katie Lam
Music by Alex Parker

Winning submission for NYMT’s 2019 New Musical Workshop. Commissioned for 2020.

The story of HENRIETTA is inspired by the true story of a family of Dutch Jews in Amsterdam. In 1942 and 1943 11 members of the family, aged between eight and 70, were taken to Auschwitz and Sobibor. All but one died there. Three members of the family - an adult couple and their infant child - managed to avoid being sent to concentration camps. To protect their son, the parents made the decision to leave the little boy with a neighbour to pass off as their gentile child while they fled the country. For several years the boy lived with the neighbours as his own parents (he was too young to realise they were not); his hair was dyed blonde and he was told nothing of his real background. Both parents and the child survived the war and were reunited in 1945. The son still lives in Amsterdam.


Set in wartime Amsterdam, the protagonist will be a young girl who feels displaced but does not know why. Over the course of the show it will become clear that, unbeknownst to her, she is a Jewish child of parents who have been sent to a concentration camp and she has been secretly given to another family to raise as their own. The stories and songs her parents told her as a baby, however, are still in her memory, and she relives them in a fantasy world. The story ends with the return of the girl's parents. Confused, she is unsure what to believe until her mother sings to her the songs she recognises from when she was a baby.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School
4 to 9 April and 1 to 9 August
(Musicians from 3 to 9 August only)

Technical rehearsals in London from 10 to 12 August
Performances at The Other Palace, London from 12 to 15 August
Accommodation provided at Sevenoaks School and at University College, London.


Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Based on the book RAGTIME by E.L. Doctorow


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