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NYMT's exciting 2018 season features five outstanding musicals - four of them new.


SUPER HERO, the debut work of NYMT alumni Adam Johnson and Henry Roadnight, takes to the road on a mini-tour of festivals, and we return to London's The Other Palace for our annual summer residency. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME by Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber follows a group of teenagers growing up during The Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1969. We also premiere A LITTLE PRINCESS with book adaptation by Carl MIller and music by Marc Folan. Our new commission for 2018 is THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW based on the short story by Washington Irving, adapted by Helen Watts with music by Eamonn O'Dwyer. Continuing our series of workshops of new musicals in development, we look forward to GROWL - The True Story of the Big Bad Wolf - by Timothy Knapman and Laurence Mark Wythe.


Dates and details are shown below.

SUPER HERO, The Musical

Première of new musical

Book by Adam Johnson
Music & lyrics by Henry Roadnight

Sammy Simpson just wants to be normal but there's one thing stopping him. He has the super power to turn everything he knows into a musical. The minute Sammy starts dancing, singing, or whistling, so does everyone else and his parents have had enough. It’s time for Sammy to do what all other super powered children must do, go to Hero High, a school for supernaturally gifted children. Meanwhile, across the horizon, the evil Miss Menace and her sidekick Mr Plop are plotting to take over Hero High. Sammy has just one chance to prove that he is a hero - and that it’s not so bad being different.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School

3 to 11 April

Mini-Tour Pop-Up Performances include:
Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Sunday 20 May (Bury Festival)


Curve, Leicester

Saturday 30 June


Rose Theatre, Kingston

Saturday 14 July (International Youth Arts Festival)



Première of new musical

Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Book & lyrics by Carl Miller
Music & lyrics by Marc Folan
Additional lyrics by Adey Grummet

From the heat of an Indian summer to a snowy English winter, a story loved by generations. Sara is uprooted from her Indian home to a boarding school in Victorian London. When the ‘Little Princess’ suddenly plunges from wealth to poverty, she makes painful discoveries about the world - and herself. This romantic, funny and thrilling drama gets an entirely new treatment, combining elements of classical Indian music and dance with a rich musical theatre score.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School

3 to 8 April and 28 July to 5 August


Technical rehearsals* in London from 6 to 8 August
Performances* at The Other Palace, London from 9 to 11 August

*London accommodation provided


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Book & lyrics by Ben Elton

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton’s The Beautiful Game is the story of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. The award-winning musical follows the fortunes of a group of teenagers from both sides of the religious divide during “The Troubles” in 1960s Belfast.

Under the watchful eye of team coach Father O’Donnell, John and Del both show enough promise to pursue careers as professional footballers. They’re just two regular teenagers who dream of nothing more than girls and football. When they find love with their girlfriends Mary and Christine, they become swept up in the events that engulf their community and, as time passes, each has to decide whether or not to follow their hearts.

Ben Elton tells their story with wit and compassion, while Lloyd Webber’s evocative score combines heart-searing ballads and stirring anthems with the sounds of Ireland. This powerful and passionate musical is a joyous celebration of the freedom that love can bring.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School

9 to 14 April and 4 to 12 August

Technical rehearsals* in London from 13 to 15 August
Performances* at The Other Palace, London from 15 to 18 August

*London accommodation provided


Commissioned by NYMT for the 2018 Season

Based on the short story by Washington Irving
Book by Helen Watts, Music & lyrics by Eamonn O’Dwyer

New England, 1820: A body is laid to rest in the shadowy town of Sleepy Hollow. The grieving widow stands alone at the graveside, and the townsfolk talk in hushed tones of the strange events that led her to this place; tales of witches and ghouls, of wailing banshees and headless horsemen, and of course the tale of the enigmatic Ichabod Crane - once merely a man, but now a man become a legend. 

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School

9 to 14 April and 11 to 19 August

Technical rehearsals* in London from 20 to 22 August
Performances* at The Other Palace, London from 22 to 25 August

*London accommodation provided


Residential workshop of a new musical

Book and lyrics by Timothy Knapman
Music and lyrics by Laurence Mark Wythe


We all think we know the story of the big, bad Wolf but the truth is much more surprising… Far from being the dangerous predator who tries to eat anyone he meets – assorted pigs, granddaughters and easily-impersonated old ladies – he is, in fact, the guardian of the forest who presides over a happy and diverse family of fairy tale characters.  But when a sharp-talking Woodcutter and his gang of henchmen turn up with deforestation and redevelopment on their minds, they know that the Wolf is the only one standing in their way.  Once they’ve sown the seeds of doubt amongst his friends, the Wolf – and his woodland family – will be tested to breaking point, and his murky past will come back to haunt him.

This, the second in our series of developmental workshops for new British musical theatre writing.

Residential rehearsals at Sevenoaks School - 28 July to 2 August
Informal performance at Sevenoaks School - 2 August


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