August 2010

Produced at Village Underground.

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
From an adaptation by Christopher Bond
Book by Hugh Wheeler


Sweeney Todd - Matt Nalton Anthony
Hope - Tom Milligan
Beggar Woman - Steffani Nash
Mrs Lovett - Lizzie Wofford
Judge Turpin - Thomas Isherwood
Beadle Bamford - Adam Small
Johanna Barker - Rebecca Nash
Tobias Ragg - Michael Byers
Adolfo Pirelli - Stewart Clarke
Jonas Fogg - Daniel Scott-Smith
Bird Seller - Susannah Chaytow

All other parts played by members of the ensemble.


Jack Armstrong
Susannah Chaytow
Helen Clarkson
Kayla Cohen
Becky Durbin
Laura Ferrin
David Grant
Molly-May Keston
Thomas Kitney
Luke Leahy
Maria Montague
Andrew Nance
Jessica Pardoe
Aaron Pryce-Lewis
Piers Saich
Helen Slade
Joshua Taylor
James Way


Flute/Piccolo - Rosamund Harpur
Flute/Piccolo/Clarinets in Eb and Bb - Fergus McAlpine
Oboe/Cor Anglais - Elsie Woollard
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet - Naomi Kreitman
Bassoon - Greg Topping
Horn - Freddie Miles
Trumpets - James Symington and Matt Abrams
Trombones - Alistair Gibson and Owen Reeves
Bass Trombone - Adam Funnell
Percussion - Michael Kielty and Nathan Lewin
Harp - Alexander Thomas
Violins - Stephanie Childress, Ellen Gibbons, Claire Roff and Curtis Wilkinson
Violas - Jonathan Edwards and A-J Suvan
Cellos - Hannah Lewis and Alex Maynard
Double Bass - Rachel Phillips
Organ - David Weale
Assistant Musical Director - Tim Anderson


Deputy Stage Manager - Hugh Stephens
Assistant Stage Manager - Alice Barber
Lighting Technicians - Nick Rhodes and Robert Youngson
Sound Technician - Charles Simpson


Director - Martin Constantine
Musical Director - Jeremy Walker
Movement Director - Sarah Redmond
Designer - Mark Friend
Lighting Designer - Jonny Milmer
Sound Designer - Olly Steel
Production Manager - James Manley
Stage Manager - Rachael Presdee
Associate Designer - Holly Seager
Production Engineer - Jonas Roebuck
Costume Supervisor - Anne-Marie Horton Props
Supervisor - Kimberley Meikle
Head of Pastoral Support - Eddie Jarvis
Pastoral Team - Jane Francis, Claire Roff, Alexander Thomas
Press - Sue Hyman Associates Ltd
Poster Design - Richard Blackburn
Programme Design - Robert Youngson

Producer - Jeremy Walker
Administrator - Carl Rutherford



"Sondheim called his show “a musical thriller” and rarely has a musical or opera even contained so many genuine thrills. NYMT grabs every opportunity to both excite and amuse. It is a company show and it fields so much young talent that, once the music starts, they never put a foot wrong and runs like a superbly crafted timepiece – no hitches, no glitches, nothing but superbly confident acting, singing and movement – especially the latter (skilfully directed by Sarah Redmond) which in a vast cave like this would show up any discrepancies. The big production numbers such as ‘The Worst Pies in London’, ‘Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir’, ‘A Little Priest’, ‘God, That’s Good!’ and ‘City of Fire’ are all handled miraculously by this eminently professional if amateur cast.

The principal roles are all taken by gifted players. Matt Nalton is a dark and brooding Sweeney, with a strong voice and a powerful presence as the “artist with a knife”; Lizzie Wofford’s Mrs Lovett is a scream, charismatic to her fingertips, with an eye for the main chance and no scruples about getting it; Tom Milligan and Rebecca Nash are well cast as Anthony and Johanna; Thomas Isherwood is evil incarnate as the Judge and Adam Smith sneers well as his slimy, fawning sidekick, the Beadle Bamford. Michael Byers is a brilliant and very confident player as Mrs Lovett’s assistant Tobias Ragg, and quite moving in his song ‘Not While I’m Around’ which he sings to Nellie as a means of thanking her. If Michael hasn’t played Oliver Twist yet, I’m sure he will one day.

The band under Jeremy Walker provides a big sound which suits the frighteningly eerie score. All in all, it’s one of the best productions I have seen of Sondheim’s masterpiece and I have seen most of them. The future of British musical theatre is truly safe in the hands of exceptional performers such as those of the National Youth Music Theatre." - Michael Darvell,

"Looking around the theatrical offerings in London's West End it can sometimes be a bit depressing to see the lack of creativity on offer. However if the National Youth Music Theatre’s production of Sweeney Todd is anything to go by then the future of musical theatre is safe in these young performers’ hands.

Staged in an unusual theatre space (Village Underground, near Liverpool Street station) the production re-tells one of Sondheim’s most known works in a dazzlingly creative and modern way. By not sticking to a strict Victorian dress and staging they dispel some of the fustiness that can be present in this musical. The design is minimal, and not so much steam-punk as a thrilling nu-rave style of Victoriana. The main space of the venue is a vast cavern of a room, with patchy light and minimal dressing it really feels like you are transported to a slice of Victorian London. From your arrival the cast members creepily weave amongst the audience – representing the inmates of the asylum which features in act two. If you are easily creeped out then this might not be the production for you.

The cast themselves are incredibly talented, not just for people of their age and experience, as their performances are easily of professional standard. It feels unfair to pick out individual names amongst such a talented cast, but the titular role, played by Matt Nalton was extremely capably handled, and Lizzie Wofford’s portrayal of Mrs Lovett was absolutely perfectly judged. Mentions should also go to Tom Milligan as the love-struck sailor Anthony and a great performance from Michael Byers as Toby, with a heart-felt rendition of Nothing’s Going to Harm You..

"The only disappointment about this excellent show was that the run is so short so more people won’t get a chance to see it. The next chance you get to see a NYMT production – do it." - Tom Harvey - The Pink Paper






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